Finding Gag Worthy Words In The Urban Dictionary

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I'm always referring to the urban dictionary to find out what words mean. Recently, while looking online for the meaning of a word one of my interns spouted off, I found a new one. Scooter Poochin' What in the holy hell does scooter poochin' mean? Get ready for a 24 hour recovery. I seriously gagged 358 times in a row after I read the definition. And once more while I … [Read more...]

Sh*t My Mom Says

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    I get made fun of often for not understanding "street slang." It's not just from my family (mostly my mom) makes fun of me too. Momma was a prison guard for 20 years and I guess that's how she picked up on it. … [Read more...]

The Week Tornadoes Hit The Evansville Tri-State Area & How To Help

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Growing up in southern Ohio I never had to worry about tornadoes. So, for me to now live in an area where tornadoes are common...makes me feel a little uneasy. Wednesday, February 29th the first MAJOR storm of 2012 hit the Tri-State. Tornadoes ripped through Harrisburg, IL and a town I used to live in...Newburgh, IN. I had friends calling and emailing me pictures of their … [Read more...]

The Quest to Become a Better Mommy

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I'm a mommy. My son Howie is almost 4 and everyday is a different challenge. Like most parents, my husband and I go through the ups and downs of parenting. Lately though, it seems that Howie has been throwing more and more tantrums. And we're struggling with it. We feel guilty and we blame ourselves and rack our brains for an answer. Is this happening because I'm a … [Read more...]

Evansville Girls in Bloom 2012 Wrap Up

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  2012 marks my 3rd year conducting a workshop for the Girls in Bloom Expo in Evansville, IN. I can't believe it! Now in it's 9th year, Girls in Bloom is an organization devoted to building positive self-esteem for girls in the fifth to eighth grade; through a variety of programs dealing with education, diversity, self-exploration, and creative expression. Over the … [Read more...]