Finding Gag Worthy Words In The Urban Dictionary

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I’m always referring to the urban dictionary to find out what words mean.

Recently, while looking online for the meaning of a word one of my interns spouted off, I found a new one.

Scooter Poochin’

What in the holy hell does scooter poochin’ mean?

Get ready for a 24 hour recovery. I seriously gagged 358 times in a row after I read the definition. And once more while I was typing this.

Scooter Poochin’ (verb) : This happens on a hot and humid day. Men walk around and sniff women’s bicycle seats.


(gags, again)

Here’s the challenge though: Try to use this in a sentence 1x a day for the next 10 days. Without gagging.

Or how about this – have any words or phrases you’ve recently found in the Urban Dictionary that you can share in the comments? It’d save me some time from having to look them up on my own.
[image: VirtualPhotographyStudio on Flickr]


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