The Quest to Become a Better Mommy

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I’m a mommy.

My son Howie is almost 4 and everyday is a different challenge. Like most parents, my husband and I go through the ups and downs of parenting. Lately though, it seems that Howie has been throwing more and more tantrums. And we’re struggling with it. We feel guilty and we blame ourselves and rack our brains for an answer.

Is this happening because I’m a working mom? Am I allowing him to walk all over me? Could he read my mind of the guilt I carry around for being away from him during the day?

The Search For Answers

Recently, I started searching for answers. I would chat with other moms online, talk to family members and my husband and I would break down every tantrum he had that day to make sense of it. Where did we go wrong? I went to Barnes and Noble a few weeks ago and decided not leave until I found answers. Is there a “Parenting for Dummies?” I thought. There must be.

Then, like a shining light, I found “You’re Not the Boss of Me” an hour or so in to my search.

The moment I opened it…I was hooked. It described our son to a T. And it has already started to help.

Kids Are Flippin’ Smart

I know this isn’t anything new, but we forget that kids are smarter than we realize. They know when to push our buttons and take advantage of us during our weakest hour.

For me, my work schedule is a little wacky and Howie has learned that in the evening I’m more of a “softy.” He knows he can get his way more between 6-8pm. This book is helping teach me how to change all that.

I understand every kid is different. The author of this book seems to understand that too. Don’t feel embarrassed to ask or go researching for help. It doesn’t make us crappy parents.

It makes us BETTER parents.

Here is an official amazon link to the book if you’re interested: You’re Not the Boss of Me: Brat-proofing Your Four- to Twelve-Year-Old Child


What about you? Have any tricks of the parenting trade you could share with the rest of us in the comments? How do you work on becoming a better parent?


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