Your Easter Candy May Be Toxic, Here’s How To Fix That

toxic free easter candy ideas

Toxic Easter candy?! "Where in the heck do you get your candy, lady?!" I know you thought it. Unless you're totally tuned into the toxic free movement, there is no other response I'd expect you to have. Truth is though, there are some 80,000 chemicals used in manufacturing today and over 90% haven't even been tested. Think about that. … [Read more...]

Recipe: Marcy’s Chicken Taco Soup

chicken taco soup recipe

Sooo, as I was getting content for my site together, I asked my friend Marcy to guest blog every so often. It was also my way to trick her into sending me her mega-delicious taco soup recipe. But, it was back in the Winter, so you might not be all that into soups right now. Either way, this needs shared because it'll blow your face off with deliciousness.  Recipe from Marcy … [Read more...]

My “Bob’s Booty”

Shawnda McNeal

This article originally appeared as a guest post from Shawnda on the Bob's Gym blog on March 5, 2013. \\ I’ve always been weird about wearing tight clothes and bikini’s. I mean even when I was in high school and a size 5…I had major insecurities about my body. Fast forward 10 years, I have my son, and I gain 92 lbs. in the process. Wow-za. I remember I would constantly … [Read more...]