The Man’s Ultimate 4-Step PMS Survival Guide

men's ultimate pms survival guide

I could have edited that header photo to show more of the Lion's face, but I wanted you to really see its damn teeth. Why? Because it's gonna set the tone for what you're dealing with here. As if you didn't already know. Ok, so for most ladies, it comes around every month. And when I say "comes around" I mean it violently swoops in just like a tsunami of angry wild … [Read more...]

What To Expect From Dave’s Bro Lair

dave's bro lair

  Hi, I'm Dave. You know...the "Dave" from the "Daaaaaave and I" skits that Atom Smasher does. The Dave that has been getting roundhoused on Morning Radio for like 10 years. Welp, Shawnda gave me a little corner on her site to roundhouse back from time to time. And maybe not roundhouse, but just maybe like, write an article from time to time. Why Dave's Bro … [Read more...]