What To Expect From Dave’s Bro Lair


Hi, I’m Dave.

You know…the “Dave” from the “Daaaaaave and I” skits that Atom Smasher does.

The Dave that has been getting roundhoused on Morning Radio for like 10 years.

Welp, Shawnda gave me a little corner on her site to roundhouse back from time to time. And maybe not roundhouse, but just maybe like, write an article from time to time.

Why Dave’s Bro Lair Though?

At the end of last year I scrounged up my 2012 Tweet Cloud to get a peek at the most used words for me on twitter that year. Honestly, because I’m a digital marketing guy, I expected a crap-face-load of digital marketing terms like “content” and “social media” and “content” again.

Nope. Not even close.

In godzilla sized font there were two words smack dab in the middle of the cloud:

    1. Bro
    2. Awesome

Ok, so I say “bro” a lot.

I know, I know. I do realize the douchey-weight of that realization. But, I get it honest man.

In my neck of the woods, where I grew up, everyone actually said “brother”…it was just kind of an endearing way to say “Hey buddy, I care about your well being.”

Actually, it was probably more along the lines of everyone wanting to be like Hulk Hogan.

So I’m going to embrace it.

And instead of a man-cave, It’ll be a lair. Full of bros. Me and my bros writing about god knows what.

Actually, I do plan on sharing a few things:

    • Old stories from the road playing music
    • Stories of getting haaaadouken’d on the radio
    • Stories of me failing miserably as a father
    • Stories of me triumphantly kicking mega-galactic ass as a father
    • How to be the Ultimate Warrior of Dads
    • How to be the Hacksaw Jim Duggan of Dads
    • Things that I think are awesome
    • Things that I would like to roundhouse
    • Guest posts from my bros, bro.
    • Your mom

Ok, maybe not your mom.

Ok, maybe, yea… maybe I’ll write about your mom.


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