Your Easter Candy May Be Toxic, Here’s How To Fix That

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Toxic Easter candy?! "Where in the heck do you get your candy, lady?!" I know you thought it. Unless you're totally tuned into the toxic free movement, there is no other response I'd expect you to have. Truth is though, there are some 80,000 chemicals used in manufacturing today and over 90% haven't even been tested. Think about that. … [Read more...]

The Last Slice of Pizza

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I’m always the one who stares at the last slice of pizza at the dinner table BUT never take it. Why do I do this? I’m hungry, tired and mentally spent. I should just take it for myself and not worry about my husband secretly salivating inside or predicting that my 5 year old will cry and pout because he wanted it. The reality is, I think about these things. It’s in my … [Read more...]

I’m An Addict…


Hi, my name is Shawnda and I'm an addict. A phone addict. I'm not being stupid or funny. I realize addiction is a serious disease. Phone addiction can be too (look it up). And look, I'll be the first to admit that I'm addicted to my phone. I can try and justify it all and say that it's the nature of my job and that I NEED my phone at all times to stay informed. In … [Read more...]