8 Toys To Help Give Your Kids a Fun TOXIC FREE Summer

toxic free summer ideas

As a mom, I’ve always been very cautious of what my son plays with and what kind of food he is eating. I’m not perfect, I slip up some times, but I keep trying.

And even though I find myself not reading every single label, I DO try my best to make sure our home is as toxic free as possible.

Next on my list, is Summertime.

Summer will be here before we know it and most of us will head out shopping for summer toys, gadgets, clothes…the scary thing is, most of us have no idea how many toxic chemicals are used to make these items.

Because most of the chemicals used to make them have never even been tested.

I’ve been researching this more and more as part of the Toxic-Free initiative with Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation in Houston, TX…and what I’ve dug up, what the CCRF has taught me, it’s all very scary.

And frustrating.

Frustrating that the regulation is so lax, that anything can be used to make a product…ultimately, us and our children become the guinea pigs.

What do I look for to determine toxic free?

Well, like I said, I’m not perfect, but here are a few things I try to do or keep my eyes on:

  • I absolutely avoid plastics made from or including BPA, PET, PVC and Styrofoam
  • I look for or do my best to find toys made from natural materials like wood and cloth
  • Choose gifts that are made locally

If you can limit the levels of cadmium, lead and other toxic chemicals to which our children are exposed to, even by some here and there…you’re winning.

Where Can You Find Toxic Free Alternatives Though?

Glad you asked! I dug around the interwebs and found a few. Check these out.

#1 Mini Sidewalk Chalk

You know you can’t go a Summer without this classic.

Pick up a bucket here >>

#2 Super Water Slide

Screen shot 2015-04-14 at 9.36.02 AM

You might even want to take a trip down this bad boy 🙂

Grab the Super Water Slide here

#3 Little Explorer Camping Backpack Play Set


All I know is, if we had this on our early camping trips with Howie, he would’ve had tons of fun “helping” his poppa. Plus, since this is made with all non-toxic material – you know your little one is safe.

Grab the Little Explorer Camping Backpack Play Set here >>

#4 Picnic Set

toxic free toys


Plan a real-deal picnic and have the kids help. Or, maybe it’s a nice alternative to tea time 😉

Grab the Picnic Wooden Play Set here >>

#5 Gardening Set

Have gardening work to do? Grab this child’s wheelbarrow and gardening set and put the lil’ one to “work.” I’m kidding…ok, I’m not. Either way, it’ll be fun 🙂

check it out here >>

#6 Backyard Science Box

Turn your backyard into a complete discovery zone with this Backyard Science Discovery Box. It helps you take everyday specimens that you might otherwise take for granted day-to-day, and turn them into fun trinkets and things.

Check it out here >>

#7 Woodland Wonderland HugglePod

toxic free toy ideas


Three windows, a fabric door, LED lighting…I’d trade my apartment right now for one of these deals. Plus, anything named Hugglepod, I want in my life.

Get The Woodland Wonderland HugglePod here >>

#8 Burlap Potato Sacks For Sack Races

toxic free toy ideas


There’s a phrase we’ve taught Howie. A phrase that represents a lot of things I hold dear…That phrase is old school.

Sure, back in the day, there was a LOT less awareness for toxic-free…lead based paint, mercury…heck, I think my grandfather told stories of playing with mercury.

But – there was a lot of really awesome old school games too, right?!

Like potato sack races! Grab a set and have tons of fun at the next cookout or even take the kids out to workout with you and make it fun for everyone.

Get the Burlap Potato Sacks here >>


Have ideas to add?

I’m no expert, like I said, I just do the best I can. So, I’m always looking for extra ideas and tips. Have any ideas to add in the comments? Share the love…we’ll all do so much better together 🙂


[photo: pezz/flickr]



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