8 Toys To Help Give Your Kids a Fun TOXIC FREE Summer

toxic free summer ideas

As a mom, I’ve always been very cautious of what my son plays with and what kind of food he is eating. I’m not perfect, I slip up some times, but I keep trying. And even though I find myself not reading every single label, I DO try my best to make sure our home is as toxic free as possible. Next on my list, is Summertime. Summer will be here before we know it and most … [Read more...]

Your Easter Candy May Be Toxic, Here’s How To Fix That

toxic free easter candy ideas

Toxic Easter candy?! "Where in the heck do you get your candy, lady?!" I know you thought it. Unless you're totally tuned into the toxic free movement, there is no other response I'd expect you to have. Truth is though, there are some 80,000 chemicals used in manufacturing today and over 90% haven't even been tested. Think about that. … [Read more...]