It’s All About the Mix: Shawnda McNeal’s Cardio Mix

shawnda mcneal cardio mix

I’m often asked how I stay fit.

Well, I love to run. I’ve been a runner my whole life and seems to be the only thing that keeps me sane. BUT, as much as I love to run, I couldn’t get through a cardio work out without the perfect “cardio mix.”

And even then, there are no shortcuts. I’ve discovered that you can’t simply copy off someone else’s playlist. I’ve tried. You have to do the work to find the songs and make one that fits YOU!

What’s in my cardio mix?

Welp, it is all over the place. Kinda like me. I have some hip hop, country, pop and even rock. When I put together my cardio mix…I also try and make sure each song has a meaning. Sometimes a little memory to go along with the beat can help push things along. The songs could remind me of my friends in high school or even an old boyfriend who screwed me over.

For example, when I get to a slow song…I up the resistance. And since I’m typically so focused on how freakin’ AMAZING Adele’s voice is instead of how bad my legs hurt. I just get in this zone and I can power through.

My mix is below.

Shawnda McNeal’s Cardio Mix

  • Drake-Motto
  • Akon-Smack that
  • Kelis-Milkshake
  • Dixie Chicks-I’m not ready to make nice
  • Nicki Minaj-Your Love
  • Luniz-I got 5 on it
  • Mary J Blige-Not Gon’ Cry
  • Muse-Supermassive Black Hole
  • Erykah¬†Badu-Bag Lady
  • Notorious B.I.G.-Juicy
  • Adele-Someone like you
  • Salt n Peppa-Push it
  • Prince-Doves Cry
  • Snoop-Drop it like it’s HOT
  • Trick Daddy-Nann (Edited Version)
  • Leona Lewis-Bleeding Love
  • K.P. & Envyi-Shorty Swing my Way

That’s it.

What’s in your mix? Care to share in the comments below?


[photo credit: Flickr user MidWestNerd]


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