Confessions of a Menopausal Maniac

shawnda mcneal menopause confessions

The menopause struggle is REAL.

I mean really real. All the cliche things you hear about – the hot flashes, the mood swings, the increased anxiety and irritability, having to pee so much more (or at least the urge to)…

It’s real.

I’m Handling Menopause Like a Maniac Though

First off, I’m prematurely going through menopause thanks to mother-lovin’ endometriosis. If you don’t know that story, you can read it over on the blog of my foundation’s website at

Secondly, I’m already an anxious mess. I don’t need anything else to amplify my already tsunami levels of anxiety.

PLUS, I’m just flippin’ constipated as all-get out now. So much so that the thought of being regular is equivalent to the possibility of riding a unicorn with Bob Marley as my saddle partner.

I’m not being dramatic here. I seriously feel that way. I put a LOT of thought into this.

I start prepping for my journey to the small house at 3AM every. Single.Day. It usually begins with a delicious combination of chia seeds and organic chocolate milk. An hour or so later…I’ll open up tasty bottle of Fiji water with a side of vitamins.

I’m usually in good shape by the end of the day. However, there is one thing that will keep me from winning the Boss Battle against Bowser. That one thing…is a dramatic and unnecessary fight with my husband.

Dat Mood Swing Tho

The mood swings.

We fight over the dumbest stuff. And, I mean, we always have, but it’s different now. Sometimes, I can’t even stand to hear him breathe because I’m so smothered in a scorched earth blanket of meno-anxiousness.

For example…just last week we were watching a stupid Netflix movie and he thought this no name actress was Patricia Arquette.

I told him 632 times that it was not Patricia Arquette. He wouldn’t listen. So, I finally went to google and BOOM not Patricia Arquette. He told me I was being snappy and in my super duper dramatic way…I told him he ruined cuddle/movie time and this was more proof that he doesn’t love me.

Things got weird after I ran out of our bedroom like Celine Dion in her “It’s all coming back to me” video. We were in a full on fight. Every time we fight like that it’s mostly because of dem damn mood swings.

Any of YOU Menopausal Maniacs?

What in the holy hell do you do when the Demons of Menopause rise up to run wild on you?!

Do you just sit there and sweat you tails off? Ride the anxiety wave until it breaks?

I literally just yelled at my husband to “make it colder in here…” I heard a groan come from his office which means he’s already freezing his nards off.

Maybe I should get a copy of The Wisdom of Menopause or grab some of these menopause supplements.

What about you though? Got any insight to share in the comments?


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