Married Co-Workers Having An Affair


Two of my married co-workers are having an affair. I know you’ll say it has nothing to do with me, but the man’s wife is a friend. I caught the cheaters going at it in their car as I was leaving work.

They didn’t see me so I took a picture on my phone.

My question is…should I send it to his wife?”



Hi Beth,

I’ve actually been in a similar situation.

I caught my best friend’s boyfriend cheating on her and immediately told her about it. To my surprise, she took his side and stayed with him and itt ruined our friendship.

I want you to learn from my mistake and stay out of it. Trust me!

Someone will catch on and the secret will be out. You can be a shoulder for your friend to cry on. If you feel that you can’t keep it a secret…let her husband know you know. Give him the opportunity to tell her before you do. I hope that helps.



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