I’m Sick of My Boyfriend Being a Fitness Freak


I know you’re all about working out and staying fit. I’m really hoping you can tell me what to do about this.

Recently, my boyfriend has become a health nut. I’m so sick of him trying to get me to do the same. I can’t eat cheese or pour a glass of wine without him getting on me about it. I don’t feel that I’m overweight or unhealthy…but, him bothering me about it has caused me to be very insecure. Do you think he’s pushing me because he’s not attracted to me anymore? Every time he mentions it…I find myself going to the freezer to scarf down a pint of ice cream. What do I do?



Hi Laura,

If you’re not ready or have no desire to be on the “health nut” level he is on…tell him. If you feel that you are out of shape and it wouldn’t hurt to join him at the gym a couple of days a week…do it. Everyone is different. I know working out and sticking to a healthy meal plan is extremely difficult. Bottom line is…you’ve got to do it for yourself and only YOU can make that decision. Tell the boyfriend to back off and be more supportive by helping you ease in to a schedule that works for you. In the meantime…replace the pints of ice cream with frozen grapes or berries. =)




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