Evansville Charities I Support

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My best girlie Megan (all prego) and I at the Tri-State Alliance's Red Party Event

Giving back to my community is a huge part of my life. Below are a list of Evansville area charities that I support.  Each hold a special place in my heart for a very special reason.

Boys and Girls Club

I’ve been working with the Boys and Girls Club of Evansville for 3 years. I’m truly inspired by each child and volunteer I meet. I have to keep my events to a minimum because every time I hang out with a group of kids…I want to steal them. (Disclaimer…not really. I just really enjoy being with them)

Go here to visit the Boys and Girls Club of Evansville on the web >>

Red Cross of Evansville

I really look up to the volunteers and try and help any chance I get. The Red Cross is nationally known to be the first on site during a community tragedy or storm. I just feel lucky to work with such passionate people who only want to do good.

Go here to visit the Red Cross of Evansville on the web >>

Tri-State Alliance

The Tri-State Alliance is an organization I have a personal connection with. They focus on raising money for HIV awareness and helping children effected by the virus. My uncle tested positive for HIV years ago and fights every day.

Go here to visit the Tri-State Alliance on the web >>

Vanderburgh Humane Society

I’m the biggest animal lover. I have 2 golden retrievers (both rescues) and personally do anything I can to help out this amazing organization.

Go here to visit the Vanderburgh Humae Society on the web >>


Are there any Evansville area charities that hold a place in your heart?  Care to leave a mention in the comments?


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