Dirty Confessions of a Freshly Sparkled Twi-Hard

shawnda mcneal radioI’ve spent the last few months apologizing to every Twilight fan I meet. Why? Welp, I’ve been front and center in leading the let’s-all-make-fun-of-the-twi-hards charge and now I feel terrible about it.

I mean who could be that obsessed with vampires and wolves? Right? Right?

Enter The New Twi-Hard

It wasn’t until a couple of months ago while bored at home that it all hit me right in the throat. FX was doing a “Twilight” marathon and I decided to at least give it a chance. After watching the entire series in a single sitting, something came over me.

That something confused the hell out of me. And I started to question everything I had ever believed in.

Was I now a “Twi-hard?” The answer was a screaming YES. Yes, yes, and more yes.

I couldn’t really explain it all at first. But the more I thought about it, I think it was the fantasy nature of the unrealistic love story between a vampire and a human that got me. The way Edward protected Bella and walked that line between feeling the natural instinct to kill her, but loving her so much that he couldn’t. I went to work the next morning and found myself imaging Edward popping out from behind a tree to save me. I know.shawnda mcneal

I feel crazy even admitting to this. I was completely obsessed with the story and it started to consume me. Some find it creepy to see a 29 year old woman buying Twilight dog tags, plates, iphone cover and t-shirts. My opinion? Who are we to judge? I’m a “Twi-hard” and proud of it.


What about you? Are you into the Twilight films?





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