Face Melting Coupon Queen Quick Tip


Try to get past this sentence without getting Dancing Queen stuck in your head.

Ok, I spend about an hour a week cutting coupons for my weekend shopping. I’m not a coupon hoarder thing, I just LOVE saving money. I mean LURV IT.

One thing I don’t like?

Puke breath. Seriously. Ran into that at the gym yesterday. HashtagBrushYoTeef.

The other thing I don’t like is holding up the line at the grocery store sorting through coupons. I mean, I’m ok with it I guess. Really though, it’s Dave’s Living Hell.

So, to curb all the anxiety, I’ve created a plan to get me through the line quickly without annoying everyone behind me and causing Dave to stroke-out.

Here it is, brace yo’self:

Before going to the store, make sure you have the following items:

a grocery list
scotch tape

Now, as you go through the store, when you stick the item in your shopping cart, TAPE THE COUPON TO THE ITEM.

Face. blown. off.


It saves SO MUCH TIME!!

Bonus Mega-Mom Tip: If you shop with your kids like me…give them the job of sticking the coupons on the items. They stay busy and they feel like they’re helping you out.

How about you? I know there are some mega-super savers out there. You have any tips for the rest of us?


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