Awesome Mom Moment #3: Lula Mae Uses the Potty Inside

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]y dog, an 8 pound Italian Greyhound named Lula Mae, is my only child.

I’m not your typical parent. For example, I’ve trained her to use the litter pan instead of having to take her outside to “relieve” herself. Pretty sure I should get an award for that.

Whenever I have a bad day at work or something, I confide in Miss Lula and she’s always there with her favorite stuffed squirrel to lend an ear, not really, she just wants to play.

She can be quite a jerk though. Just the other day she ate my entire roast beef sandwich as I was in the shower. She’s also a huge fan of chapstick, peppermint gum and Old Navy flip flops.

Sometimes when she’s mad, I’ll find a random “tootsie roll”, as I like to call it, on my new rug. I couldn’t ask for a better child though. I mean , it’s not every day you can put your child in a cage when you get mad at her and not get in trouble for it.


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